Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Oldie but a Goodie

Today I'm going old school with a fun technique for creating mega impact with maximum ease. This stained glass technique has been around forever, and the results are simply stunning!

To try this technique you will need a square piece of acetate, glossy accents, glitter, Stazon ink, a line stamp, one to three shades of reinker, and tissue paper cut slightly larger than your acetate square. 

Cut a square of acetate to the size you prefer for your finished accent piece and stamp a line image on the front side in Stazon ink. Flip the piece over and cover the back side with a thick coat of glossy accents. Drip three shades of reinker onto the glossy accents and swirl with a Popsicle stick. For best results, use shades that are adjacent on the color wheel. For extra pizazz, sprinkle the back side with iridescent glitter.

Place a square of tissue paper slightly larger than the acetate over the wet glossy accents and smooth slightly. Be sure to leave the glossy accent coat quite thick. Leave to dry overnight.

When dry, trim off the excess tissue paper and mount to your card as you would any other embellishment. This technique creates a visually stunning effect on an otherwise clean and simple project! Because the finished piece is quite heavy, use strong tape when mounting it to your project.

I hope you will have fun reviving this fun retro technique! Thanks for visiting!

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