Thursday, February 19, 2009

Teacher at Heart

I love reborning, and I get great satisfaction from each new doll I create. Each one is different, and I love to watch each baby unfold. I'm constantly reminded of just how sweet children are, and how precious life is!

As much as I love the artistic process, my favorite part of reborning has to be teaching others this wonderful art form. Face to face or online, in the piano studio or the doll studio, it's the excitement other people feel when they create something beautiful that motivates me to keep sharing my experiences. My students and colleagues also share a great deal with me, which keeps me learning and growing.

In the spirit of teaching, I've been working very hard on a new set of tutorials for my web site and for inclusion in a book about reborning being compiled by Michelle Brunnell of Las Vegas. I'll keep you posted on the book, but in the mean time, check out my new tutorials online! More will follow, and I'm grateful to Michelle for allowing me to share my love of art dolls on a wider basis.