Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

  Hello, friends! As I wrap up this year I'd like to thank all of you for visiting and supporting my creative efforts. I hope my ramblings at least occasionally brighten your day and inspire you.

  Today's post is a little year-end list of my favorite projects of the year. It's always interesting to me to look back and see how my tastes have changed and my design sensibility grown during the course of a year. I also like to look and see what my projects have in common - the design elements that define my personal taste.

  Anyway, here we go in some sort of order that makes sense to my brain:


1. Believe in Magic
I think it's the sentiment of this page that I love even more than the page itself (although the bold, elegrant colors do appeal to me, as do all the little bits and bobbles to look at.) The photo on the page captures such a lovely moment: one of the last years my daughters truly believed in Santa Claus.

2. Christmas Holly
I got my first set of Copics this year. I have lots of practicing to do, but I'm really enjoying them!

3. Vintage Santa Season's Greetings
I have a thing for Christmas, and I definitely have a thing for bold, bright Christmas colors with a little hint of vintage. Layering is just a must for me, as is creating lots of little individual elements in the foreground and background to catch my eye.

4. Candlelight Christmas Mini Album
I love the bold, elegant colors of this project coupled with all the layered stamping on the tags inside. I like the look of intricate, layered, and lifelike designs. Like these:

5. Best Bunnies
I love the soft pastel colors, the banner, the layers, and the feminine details that echo the softness of Sophia's favorite stuffed buddy.

6. Tea Party Mini Album
I made lots of mini albums this year, and this one is one of my favorites. I love the soft pastel color scheme and all the Victorian touches.

 7. Halloween in Wonderland Mini Album
I LOVE Graphic 45, and I feel like a lot about this album defines my personal aesthetic: Lots of detail, bold color, layering, and some "realistic" elements, like the little potion bottle. 

8. Dinner Agony
I like a lot of things about this page, but I particularly like the way it tells a story and uses interesting colors and patterns. The layers interest my eye, and the vintage elements give it a news-like feel.

9. The Simple Life Mini Album
Yes, another mini. This was the year of the mini album for me. I have to say that the appeal of this project for me comes largely from the adorable piggy on the cover. I love his country-vintage feel, which reminds me of summer days on the farm growing up.  

10. Little Wryn Thank You
I'll admit that I love to color cute little expressive girls for my cards and layer on lots of girly details, like banners, flowers, and bright-yet-feminine colors. 

11. 10 Years
One of my top two layouts for the year. The bright colors are so cheerful, the banners so sweet and vintage, and the layered, popped up flowers in the lower right corner add an element of realism.

12. Dream
Probably my favorite layout of the year. Again, bright feminine colors, banners, and lots of little details like the stamped zipper under the ripped paper. I like to feel like my projects could come alive at any time.

  I'm a little surprised by the brightness of my pages ... I've always thought of myself as a pastel lover. I do love them, but I guess I love brighter colors too! I love layering, vintage elements, and realistic details as well.

  I hope your New Year is full of as much joy as each day can hold. Thank you, my friends!

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  1. Ahhh I love them all! I would love to go through your blog posts for the last year and pick a top 12 for you, but I don't think I ever could! All of your projects inspire me and are so beautiful!