Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clean and Simple Christmas

     I was talking to a friend recently who wanted to get into papercrafting but had no idea where to start. She loved the idea of making her own Christmas cards but didn't want to spend a fortune on supplies. Projects in magazines can be overwhelming for beginning stampers who feel like they need a whole room of supplies just to create one project.

     My friend's dilemma got me brainstorming about clean and simple cards that can be made with very limited supplies while still looking elegant and special. I worked up a few examples to share using one stamp set, one ink pad, and two shades of blank cardstock.

     I chose Cherry Cobbler and White for my cards, which I think is always an elegant color combination. I used my big shot to add a little texture to the background, but this isn't essential - a simple white background would work just as well. I poked holes in the top layer to add a little visual interest and covered my birds and the heart with red glitter.

     I used identical techniques and colors with this card. One elegant line art stamp set that includes a greeting can really go a long way. 

     Clean and simple is always a difficult technique for me, but I hope I can show my friend that papercrafting doesn't have to be complicated to produce cards that stand out from the crowd at Christmas.

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