Monday, August 1, 2011

I Like Birds

     I didn't know I had such a thing for birds until recently, when I looked around my living room and found it covered with them. Perhaps it's the fact that they lend themselves to vintage projects of all kinds, or maybe it's just that they're so doggone cute. Either way, I'm surrounded by birds!

   One of my favorite birdie projects is this photo tray by 7 Gypsies filled with Conservatory papers. I wanted to make these as 3-d as possible, so I broke out my paper tole tools and shaped away. My butterflies are stuck to the foam core background with stick pins, reminiscent of high school biology. :)

     The only thing better than birds just might be birds covered in sparkle. This chipboard birdhouse is one of my all-time favorites! I love decorating my house with little hand-made surprises; I think it gives a room so much character.

     Banners and birdhouses: What could be better? These Stampin' Up banner stamps have to be the coolest thing ever, especially since they now have a punch to match!

     This sweet little songbird hangs in my daughters' room. I would love to be inspired by your bird-themed ideas! Please leave me some links!


  1. I love ALL of your birdie stuff and your decorating in general!!! So pretty!

  2. You have been busy girlfriend!!! Absolutely gorgeous work!!!!